Why Our Kitchens are So Easy To Install

Installing a kitchen might sound like a job best left to the pros, but here at Prept, we’ve designed our kitchen units so that even the most inexperienced DIYer can put a kitchen together with ease. Once you place your order, we’ll gather the elements together and assemble them for you. That’s right; your kitchen units will be delivered already constructed with the doors already fitted - so you just need to put them in position, secure them to the walls and add the finishing touches. We even put holes in the service void for you to align them perfectly in rows using a provided dowel, while holes are pre-drilled for you to screw them together. Of course, we recommend any plumbing, electric and gas work be left to the experts. But you should be able to do the rest, helping you to save money and enabling you to carry out the work to your schedule. Then, when your kitchen is complete and looking fabulous, you can boast about how you’re a DIY genius to everyone you know.